Capturing the Environment

We captured the environment of the space using an illustration style that was a modern take on a traditional Japanese style.

One side of the space features a raised wooden seating area, with low tables and cushions on the floor for seats with a strict no-shoe policy. We created Signage and Wayfinding that directed the customers visually, through illustration, which is a universal language. This allowed us to communicate the same message to both English and Japanese natives without using written translations.

 Bringing a Slice of Japan to Manchester

We had the pleasure of developing the Branding and Spatial design for Cha.ology; A unique Japanese Teahouse that has recently opened it’s doors in the heart of Manchester City Centre. The Teahouse aims to capture the tradition and heritage of Japan in a clean, sophisticated and contemporary way that works for the Westernised market. We worked alongside Hong Kong born founder of Cha.ology,  Mei Lee on creating a contemporary brand that is firmly rooted in Japanese Heritage.

The Tatami System

It was important that the overall identity for Cha.ology was heavily influenced by the traditional tea-drinking culture of Japan. We found our inspiration in the Tatami Flooring System. The tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. They are made from a series of blocks that stack and slot together in a grid-like formation. We used this grid as a based for our Brandmark. The words Cha.ology were split and placed inside different shaped tatami blocks which then created a dynamic, interchangeable brandmark that references the environment and interior of the teahouse.

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